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Aerial Drone of NSS @ Work

NSS recently partnered up with SkyDronics to bring you a series of aerial drone videos of just some of the services we offer at NSS.

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Move drone video and other NSS videos can be found over on our YouTube Channel.

Hydrogen Utility has moved its H2-Hub Gladstone green hydrogen and ammonia project a step closer with the signing of a letter of intent with Gladstone Ports Corporation.

Hydrogen Utility (H2U) founder and chief executive officer Dr Attilio Pigneri said the Port of Gladstone was in an ideal location for green ammonia exports and would create an exciting hub in the global transition to decarbonised shipping fuels.

“We see great potential in this project driving the global transition to a new internationally tradeable, decarbonised energy,” Dr Pigneri said.

The proposed $1.6 billion H2-Hub is set to be Queensland’s first, export-oriented green hydrogen and ammonia manufacturing facility, using 100 per cent renewable energy from solar and wind developments.

The two-stage project is expected to drive more than $4 billion dollars in investment and create hundreds of jobs.

A 171ha site has been secured in the Yarwun State Development Area (SDA) under a 
GPC chief operating officer Craig Walker confirmed a letter of intent had been signed between GPC and H2U to advance discussions on ammonia export facilities.

“Hydrogen is an exciting opportunity for the region and GPC is readying to position Queensland into the global markets,” Mr Walker said.

“As well as discussions with H2U, GPC is working with a number of other proponents to facilitate hydrogen trade in the region.”

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni, who is opening the CQH2 Hydrogen Forum on Friday, said renewable hydrogen was a multi-billion dollar opportunity that would create decent, secure jobs for Queenslanders, particularly in regional areas like Gladstone.

“We know Queenslanders have what it takes to create new industry,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Gladstone is a powerhouse that was at the heart of creating our LNG export industry and can do it again with renewable hydrogen, with new, decarbonised industry and the jobs for Queenslanders.”Sale of Land Agreement with the Queensland Minister for Economic Development (MEDQ).

Image: GPC chief operating officer Craig Walker and Hydrogen Utility (H2U) founder and chief executive officer Dr Attilio Pigneri at Gladstone.