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Aerial Drone of NSS @ Work

NSS recently partnered up with SkyDronics to bring you a series of aerial drone videos of just some of the services we offer at NSS.

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Move drone video and other NSS videos can be found over on our YouTube Channel.

The group behind a proposed Townsville battery manufacturing plant has submitted a draft feasibility study to the State Government.

And new design work has seen the plant scaled up from a 15 GWh lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility to 18 GWh.

Magnis Energy Technologies has provided an update on the Townsville project in its quarterly activities report.

It has one-third ownership in the Imperium3 Townsville venture behind the project and says the group has made solid advances on the feasibility study for the plant.

“Further to the announcement made on 11 April 2019 to the ASX, the feasibility study was initially focusing on a 15 GWh lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility,” the quarterly update states.

“Subsequent design work resulted in a modular design that captured economies of scale whilst allowing the project to be staged.

“The study and relevant costings will now be centred on three 6 GWh modules, effectively making the facility a 18 GWh plant.

“An initial draft version of the Feasibility Study has been submitted to the Queensland Government in recent days but will be released in its final format to the Queensland Government on or before 30 September 2019.”

Imperium3 plans to build the plant at Townsville City Council’s Lansdown Industrial Precinct at Woodstock, where it may be joined by the planned $415 million TECH project (see below).

In its quarterly update, Magnis said the feasibility study to date was confirming the suitability of Townsville in large-scale manufacturing
because of factors including market proximity to rapidly growing Asian economies and logistical advantages.

It set out the following expected economic and strategic benefits of the project:
• Creating approximately 1150 jobs in a high technology industry;
• Promoting sustainable industries in North Australia;
• Supporting Townsville through the current local economic downturn;
• Realising higher value from Australia’s resource endowment; and
• Transitioning Australia to a lower carbon economy and associated industries.

Battery plant plans boosted as draft study submitted