NSS has commissioned the award-winning EnviroMist dry fogging system at its Townsville operations.

The new technology,  proven to significantly reduce emissions of bulk loading and unloading operations, complements the state-of-the-art Qube Rotabox bulk loading system already employed by NSS.
The EnviroMist dry fogging system is based on new research in the application of dust control technology, which accurately simulates different materials and their properties.

By understanding the unique characteristics of each material type and optimising nozzle performance through nozzle design, placement, sizing and fog curtain efficiency, NSS will be able to significantly reduce emissions compared to conventional dust suppression.

EnviroMist has won various awards for its dry fogging system including first place in the Bulk Handling Awards in 2015, when it triumped for its work with Bulk Materials Engineering Australia (BMEA) to reduce dust from the primary crusher ROM bin at the Karara mine in Western Australia. 

The Rotabox system also in use at NSS Townsville combines the use of a rotating frame and purpose-designed bulk containers with lockable lids to ensure zero fugitive dust emissions.

NSS Townsville busts the dust